Title:    The Incredible Journey from India

Subtitle:    An untold part of SA history      
Authors:    Mansingh Narrandes


ISBN:              9780956730022                                      

Extent:           196 pages                 

Format:          Hardcover                            

SA Rel date:   March 2018  

RRP:               R200.00                     



This book, The Incredible Journey from India  An Untold Part of South African History, deals with the harsh realities that the indentured faced from their recruitment in India, their stormy and perilous passage to Natal and their experiences in that Colony.

It breaks completely new ground in that it shows Gandhi in an entirely different light to that portrayed by most historians of the Indians in South Africa. Gandhi came to South Africa at the invitation of a merchant class family. To be fair he had no intention of getting involved in the South African Indian Emancipation struggle but when he finally did so he became the champion of the interests of the rich merchant class. This book shows that at this stage Gandhi was not interested in the harshly oppressed indentured laborers.


About the Authors:

Mansingh (aka Jaipal) Narrandes, is not a historian in the conventional sense, just an amateur who tries to tell the story of his family in the context of the wider struggle of Natal indentured laborer’s for their long denied human rights. Perhaps something in the genes passed down from those Indentured Indian ancestors is responsible for the compelling and overwhelming desire he had to put their story down in writing.

Mansingh’s background is in business management and troubleshooting. In a career that has spanned over 50 years, he has accumulated a wealth of experience that he was able to adapt and put to good use in his quest to uncover the truth about the history of Indentured Indians in South Africa.

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Published By: Mansingh




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