Faansie’s Bird Book

Faansie’s Bird Book
Author: Faansie Peacock

Published: December 2018
ISBN: 978-0-62080-689-3
Format: Softcover
Extent: 432 pages
Price: R450.00


I hope you’re ready for a life of adventure!


If not, don’t buy this book. Put it down and walk away. There are some other nice books on that table over there. But if you are, this book will help you identify every single bird in South Africa easily.


You’ll also learn fun and funny facts about everything from space to superheroes, plus some bird stuff too.


About the Authors:

Faansie Peacock started birding when he was five and has been trying to quit for about thirty years. It doesn’t looklike it’s going to happen, so now he makes a living as a professional birder. He has written and illustrated a bunch of books about birds, plus loads of magazine articles, scientific papers, and blog posts. He loves telling stories about birds and has spoken to thousands of people about more than thirty birdy topics.


He previously worked as a Curator of Birds at a big museum. Faansie has birded in Madagascar, Spain, Thailand, Australia, Israel and lots of other places across the world, but his favourite birding spot is West Coast National Park – in fact, he lives within walking distance of this park, in the town of Langebaan.


Faansie and his wife Ronél, and their two sons (both of whom are named after birds), share their garden with rain frogs, tortoises, a fox, and, of course, plenty of awesome birds!


Published By: Pavo Publishing

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